Making $100 Per Day in Passive Income (7 Ways)

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I cover 7 different methods to make $100 Per Day in ! takes a lot of work up front, but can be rewarding later on in life. We discuss in detail all that you need to know to get there.

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0:00 – Starting Zone
1:10 – 1. Capitalizing on What You Own
2:35 – 2. Stocks & Dividends
4:55 – 3. Starting an Online Business
6:50 – 4. Rental Real Estate
9:09 – 5. REITs
10:26 – 6. Crypto Methods
12:05 – 7. Build a Platform Online
13:57 – Final Thoughts

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1. Capitalizing on What You Own
So the first method to make is leveraging what you already own. It's probably the method with the least amount of friction up front, but it's not exactly 100% passive either. If you own a house, or have a car, or have photos/music/camera equipment – you can rent it out.

2. Stocks & Dividends
Both stocks and dividends can be a great way to earn , and is a true form of that can earn you up to $100 a day.

A dividend is a portion of profit that is returned to you for being a shareholder of that company.

So let's say you buy stock in Home Depot stock, home depot returns a 2% dividend. So for every $100 you have invested in Home Depot, you'll get $2 back passively every single year.

The downside though? You'll need a lot of capital to get to $100 a day.

3. Starting an Online Business
I would say this is a pretty difficult thing to start, but once you get the hang of it – if you're able to set up the right systems in place, it can be pretty hands off.

This won't take you 20+ years to generate $100 per day like stocks or dividends, but it will take some initial investment and hard work up front.

If this were a video about side hustles, starting an online business would be one of my top choices.

4. Rental Real Estate
Real estate provides some protection against inflation, because if more money is being pumped into the economy, and there's a finite amount of real estate – then as the prices of things go up, so should real estate.

Now to make $100 per day in passive income with real estate, you're going to either need more expensive properties or just a number of properties all cash flowing positively.

5. REITs
If you want real estate exposure but don't have the capital required to get rental real estate, you can buy REITs. This stands for Real Estate Investment Trusts, and they are companies that you can invest in on the stock market.

REITs are investment groups that purchase real estate that specialize in different types of commercial real estate – for example, you could have a REIT focused on retail or malls, a REIT focused on apartment buildings, or a REIT focused on healthcare facilities.

6. Crypto Methods
This is a rather new one for passive income, and definitely depends on your risk tolerance. These days, crypto websites such as Gemini exchange and BlockFi are starting to offer high interest rate yields – up to 6-8.6% for you storing YOUR cryptocurrency with them

7. Building an Online Platform
This is the method which I've used to build passive income. if you're able to build a platform online sharing knowledge or entertainment that you're passionate about – even if it's just a small platform, you could make a lot in passive income.

There's a famous article from 2008 by Kevin Kelly called 1000 True Fans.

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